Flights and Accommodation Project

Effective Aid Ukraine has teamed up with Galway Tours and Free & Caring, a Lviv-based charity, to bring those Ukrainian children, along with their mothers, who have lost their homes due to the war to Ireland.

Free & Caring ensures we are assisting the people worst affected by the war. All of the children and mothers we assist are from front-line cities. All have lost their homes and are now destitute. We prioritise those in locations that are stilled being bombed by the Russian army.

We pay for our guests’ travel, food and accommodation within Ukraine and to airports in Poland where they are then flown to Ireland. In association with the Tesla Owners Group we then pick them up in Dublin and transport them to host accommodation.

To date this accommodation has been sourced by ourselves or by our partners, the Red Cross and Helping Irish Hosts.

In the weeks and months following their arrival in Ireland, Effective Aid Ukraine, along with our partners, in particular the members of the Tesla Owners Group, provide ongoing support to the refugees we have brought to Ireland.